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Article: Importance of Looking at Stats When Betting
Importance of Looking at Stats When Betting

All experienced punters know the importance of analyzing football statistics carefully. In fact, most of them will probably tell you that betting on a match without first analyzing the stats is basically just riding your luck.

An experienced betting enthusiast will always first look at the stats or consult a football betting offers site offering quality betting advice.
Only after he has made sure that all the aspects of his wager are covered, he would go on and put his money on a game.

So let’s see why football stats are so important to punters and how you can use them to your benefit.

Goals Scored and Goals Conceded

This is the most obvious stat to analyze when looking for the right ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ game. Teams which score and concede lots of goals are perfect choices for an ‘Over’ bet. On the other hand, teams which score and concede a low number of goals are a good choice for an ‘Under’ bet.

Sometimes the number of goals scored and conceded is hugely dependant on the coach’s philosophy. For example, a Jose Mourinho or a Diego Simeone team is much more likely to participate in an ‘Under’ 2.5 goals match than a team managed by Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger or Jurgen Klopp.

In addition, there are also teams who are set up to play in a particular way regardless of the coach who manages them. For example, Barcelona will always participate in high scoring games no matter who the coach is.

Possession of the Ball

Always check a team’s possession percentages of recent games. This is because possession of the ball is a good indicator of whether a team plays dominantly or waits for counter attacking opportunities.

A team which regularly has more than 60% possession in matches is often a good choice for a winner of the next match they play. Teams who have high possession percentages are more likely to create goal scoring chances and not to give away the ball as often, meaning that they will score goals, but won’t concede many.

On the other hand, teams which often see less than 40% of the ball in a match are much more likely to close down shop and wait for the opponent to make a mistake before they attack. These teams are a good choice for an ‘Under’ game.

Red and Yellow Cards

If a team often ends a match with more than 5 yellow cards received or with 10 men on the pitch then that’s an indicator that there is a serious problem with discipline within that side. These teams often resort to an aggressive type of football to make up for the lack of talented or creative players.

You should stay away from backing these teams because they will often be a player down. This means that, in addition to not having much chances of a winning bet if you back these types of teams, your health will also suffer.